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Good Hair - To Hair or Not to Hair

We all have our viewpoints on what "good" hair is and how best to manage said hair.  However, I question that thought process.  Is the coarseness, curliness, thickness, comb-ability, etc. truly indicators of the "goodness" of your hair? I beg to differ.  I believe "good" hair is really our willingness to accept the hair God gave us as "GOOD!" When we begin to embrace all the nuances of our hair, we can truly be HAPPY with the hair we have and find the "GOODNESS" in it. Products enhance, support, and even encourage our hair to be what it was designed to be and sometimes a little more.  However, we as hair owners have to welcome the hair we have and...

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1st Hair/Beauty Show for 2019 - Bronner Bros. in New Orleans

We are excited to announce that we will be 1 of the over 300 exhibitors at the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show in New Orleans from March 30th - April 1st. We will have pomades, butters, and DBWM available plus samples of other products in our portfolio, i.e., our new Rimix by Rico Colognes.  We will also have special giveaways. To find out more about our products and the giveaways, come visit us at the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show!

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Grape Soda Baby - Wash Day

Happy Friday Eve! Or should I say, HAPPY WASH DAY! Today, is our weekly haircut and wash day for the boys.  It is a wonderful and fun felt experience of them not wanting to get their hair washed.  However, as any parent knows, it is our duty to make sure we keep all of them clean...even the dreaded hair. I must admit with our youngest hair is not an issue.  He just wants it over as soon as possible.  The oldest, who has the least amount of hair, is an experience in patience and love. However, the wonders of parenting is not the topic of this blog.  It is Grape Soda Baby.  I grew up in the 80s when kids...

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Doing ALL Hair Is Easy

By: Tanya aka Mrs. Rimix If I told you doing ALL hair is easy, I would be falsifying the facts. ‘Doing hair’ is different for every person. To be honest, I used to consider being natural easy. I say ‘used to’ because after allowing my hair to grow (for the love of my husband), I discovered the longer my hair grew the less I knew what to do with it. I was the faithful, every 6 to 9 months ‘cut it low’ woman. The wonderful feeling of a wash and go was amazing. Minimum product..minimum work…minimum time that was the life. However, now my hair rest on the upper part of my back and shoulders and I am like what...

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