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Grape Soda Baby - Wash Day

Happy Friday Eve! Or should I say, HAPPY WASH DAY! Today, is our weekly haircut and wash day for the boys.  It is a wonderful and fun felt experience of them not wanting to get their hair washed.  However, as any parent knows, it is our duty to make sure we keep all of them clean...even the dreaded hair.

I must admit with our youngest hair is not an issue.  He just wants it over as soon as possible.  The oldest, who has the least amount of hair, is an experience in patience and love.

However, the wonders of parenting is not the topic of this blog.  It is Grape Soda Baby.  I grew up in the 80s when kids where not allowed to drink the Coke, Pepsi, or Sprites, we had the colored/fruit flavored sodas (cold drink, soft drink)...Grape, Cherry, Orange, Pineapple (for those exotic occasions). My favorite was always grape.  Grape soda, grape bubble gum, grape candy...give me grape.

Interestingly enough, we released the grape soda fragrance for our Double Butter Whipped Moisturizer (DBWM).  Wow!  It is my favorite to use in our sons' hair.  I just love the smell plus, of course, the DBWM is great on defining our youngest curls.

The picture below is a close up of how his curls looked after applying the moisturizer!  His hair smells delicious (just being honest) and looks amazing.

I have been using our products on our children since birth and will admit to having favoritism towards our products.  Furthermore, if you ever wondered, can you use our products on children?  The answer is yes!

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