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About Us

Our Genesis

Jessie “Rico” Baylor, Co-Founder of Rimix by Rico, inspiration for hair began at the tender age of 8 years old.  During his outings to the barbershop with his father, he discovered his love and fascination with hair.  For hours, Jessie would ponder over the posters and pictures on the walls of different hair cuts and styles.  This passion grew and remained a pr evalent part of his adolescent life. Over the years, Jessie tested well-known natural hair products, wave products, and even small business products; however, he was always left with a feeling that the products did not completely satisfy his hairs needs. This inspired him to further his knowledge after an tour assignment while being active in the military.  
In 2013, he and his wife, co-Founder, Tanya Baylor, developed a plan to bring his passion to life and created Rimix by Rico; this was a pivotal point in his transition from hair enthusiasts to an entrepreneur in the hair care industry.  With the support of his wife and their combined knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients, Jessie began to put he and his wife’s knowledge to the test. With Jessie’s passion for hair, this undertaking of creating quality products became his sole mission. Due to the diversity of textures and porosity levels in his inner circle of family and friends, he spent countless hours testing various combinations of ingredients that would serve the needs of his customers. After achieving continued success with his own hair, Jessie was confident to release his vision to the world. 
In 2014, Jessie was able to release the Rimix by Rico brand to the world, a line of natural hair products, which includes: double butter whipped moisturizers, pomades, butters, beard moisturizers & oils, shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners. The product line continues to grow with a vow to holistically meet the needs of natural and processed hair customers worldwide.

Rimix by Rico Brand Expands

With our products being one of the few on the market that offer a gambit of different fragrances, it was natural that we would expand to include a line of colognes. Our colognes have been created with the same quality and effort as our hair care products. We will continue to grow and diversify our portfolio of products with a goal of creating new and quality products for our customers.