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Doing ALL Hair Is Easy

By: Tanya aka Mrs. Rimix

If I told you doing ALL hair is easy, I would be falsifying the facts. ‘Doing hair’ is different for every person. To be honest, I used to consider being natural easy. I say ‘used to’ because after allowing my hair to grow (for the love of my husband), I discovered the longer my hair grew the less I knew what to do with it.

I was the faithful, every 6 to 9 months ‘cut it low’ woman. The wonderful feeling of a wash and go was amazing. Minimum product..minimum work…minimum time that was the life. However, now my hair rest on the upper part of my back and shoulders and I am like what in God’s creation am I supposed to do with this…Be thankful.

Each of us have been gifted with different wonderful and amazing types of hair. The truth is to do all hair can be easy but it depends on the expectations of the hair’s owner, i.e. you! I had to stop trying to make my hair do what it did when it was short. I had to stop trying to make my hair look like other natural women in magazines and online hair. I had to stop expecting a 5 minute wash and go to be enough. I had to honestly look at myself and my hair and say you are going to do what God has designed you to do and I whole heartedly accept that.

The only way to find ease in your hair is accepting your hair. We don’t have the model in the magazines weave…I mean hair. We don’t have our best friends hair or even the lady we see leaving the salon.

We have our hair and it is amazing. Why? Because it is ours!

When you get frustrated with your hair and what it wont do, remember that it is your grown and glory and was designed perfectly for you!


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