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Good Hair - To Hair or Not to Hair

We all have our viewpoints on what "good" hair is and how best to manage said hair.  However, I question that thought process.  Is the coarseness, curliness, thickness, comb-ability, etc. truly indicators of the "goodness" of your hair?
I beg to differ.  I believe "good" hair is really our willingness to accept the hair God gave us as "GOOD!"
When we begin to embrace all the nuances of our hair, we can truly be HAPPY with the hair we have and find the "GOODNESS" in it.
Products enhance, support, and even encourage our hair to be what it was designed to be and sometimes a little more.  However, we as hair owners have to welcome the hair we have and find the beauty in the results.
I have watched men and women with hair styles that I could never in a million years pull off.  However, their self approval and confidence were so high that the hair style became an accentuating point of who they were.
On the flip side, I have also seen men and women whose hair looked flawless to me not see the beauty in their own appearance.  This took so much away from their hair style and in some cases them!
We have to be brave enough to love ourselves just the way we and all!

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