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Customer Testimonials

Rimix by Rico values customer service.  We want to make sure that our customers receive the best products and service possible.



I would like to start by saying thank you to Rimix by Rico for undoubtedly the best customer service experience I've ever received. And on that topic of Customer service, I would like to talk to everyone about the importance of great customer service. Great customer service entails having multiple ways for customers to reach you and having high level of professionalism. This should include having a reliable customer service email and phone line; not just social media as an avenue for your customers to reach you. Also getting back to your customers as soon as possible not when you feel like it. Rimix does all of that. He has the professionalism with a reliable email and phone line that he responds to customers on with urgency. With this amazing level of customer service comes a diverse assortment of durags and products that is just incomparable to others and simply above all. And from my personal experience I can say this is the only wave brand I know who if they made a mistake with my order, he immediately corrected it and did right by me as a customer. I am person who does not use any social media platforms and unfortunately many times I've been scammed, taken advantage of and cheated out of my money by many prominent wave companies. And when I received my initial order from Rimix It was missing a couple items. I thought that's fine nobody’s perfect everyone makes mistakes. I sent out an email and left my number to be reached. Within the next hour Rimix reached out to me via phone. He actually explained to me my order was broken up into multiple shipments and it was just mispackaged, but it was still on its way but even with that small discrepancy he still went the extra mile and gestured to correct the mistake. Which to me meant a lot. Not only showed professionalism but a level of care and urgency that is incredibly unwonted these days from independent small businesses. So, I feel that when someone actually is just a good honest and decent human being, they more than deserve to be highlighted. And that's exactly who Rimix is. This brand is one of passion and knowledge for providing an honest service for the customers it is not just a means of profit for the owner but is actually providing a contribution to the community. Because the products are made with particular care and purpose for your hair and originality that just can't be replicated. So to my fellow wavers if you are tired of being scammed and cheated of your money, and you want to be appreciated while also receiving top of line products and durags with a customer service experience to match, I implore you to stop supporting greedy uncaring scammers who get over on people under the guise of "giving back to the wave game" while they are really blood sucking serpents. Start supporting Rimix by Rico someone who is actually giving back to the wave game. You will receive top of the line customer service with the best of the best products and durags that actually are of premium quality and is made with the best ingredients sold at a very reasonable price just so it can be available for everyone. Once again thank you to Rimix by Rico. I deeply appreciate the excellent customer service, communication and cooperation. It means a lot and is not taken for granted.

Jaleel, New York - April 2020

It smells so good I want to eat it (Double Butter Whipped Moisturizer).

Nykiera, North Carolina - 2020